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What outcomes do people want?



Implementing and building momentum around a business idea

Building momentum behind a side business


Consistently Delivering in Work: 

Prevent burn-out and managing work-life balance

Career acceleration and promotion objectives

Specific career goal - e.g. negotiating a salary raise

Coping with stressful work environments or redundancy

Finding clarity and purpose: 

Manage career change

Figuring out your career path and purpose

Student career coaching

Re-entering the job market (after period of absence)


Becoming a leader and showing-up confidently

Personal branding – building a narrative around a varied career

Creating confidence from feedback

Managing imposter syndrome and self-doubt in the work-place



Perform well at job interviews

Being able to hold engaging conversation

Feel confident building friends and widening social network

Dating in an enjoyable and energising way

Sharing annecdotes


Knowing how to conduct an elevator pitch

Communicating and managing in UK office culture

Charisma and Presence

Being able to present effectively

No second guessing in meetings



Setting boundaries

Feeling comfortable saying no (as well as yes)

Being more authentic

Public Speaking

Holding conversation where others listen


"Working with Bex has genuinely been one of the most inspiring and transformational experiences I've ever had.
With a sense of intuitive understanding, through intent listening and using some enlightening exercises, she helped me to work out what was important to me, and where I want to go in life."

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