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Things My Clients Think Before They Coach With Me...

Before coaching my clients tend to worry about whether it will make a difference. Like me, they appreciate value. My clients don’t only want and insight. They want action. The want to be able to take steps that help them head in the right direction.

Given they care about others the concept of spending money on themselves might (but only might) feel deeply uncomfortable too so they want to make sure it’s worth it. They will often have an internal conflict (which is one of the reasons they’re coming for coaching) and so they may deliberate about it quite a bit.

They usually like efficiency too and because they tend to be go-getters. This is another reason they like practical actions after each session. Like I said they want value. My coaching programmes are specifically designed around this. You want to see change. I’ve designed my coaching programmes with this specifically in mind. I am a transformational coach. We work on the internal thoughts, beliefs and patterns that might be holding you back. We ensure there’s specific actions after each session, regular check-ins, we discuss the challenges and overcome any internal or external obstacles to taking the steps you need to.  

Clients may or may not have coached before. They might have found the sessions useful in the past but now they’re looking for more. Others have never had coaching before but are keen to try it. Often, they feel nerves, a little anxious or hesitate as to whether they’re doing the right thing. All completely understandable! The patterns that hold us back the most are normally the strongest before we make a change. Often the internal dilemma my clients face about deciding whether to coach or not are the same challenges that show-up in the areas where they want to see results.   


"Working with Bex has genuinely been one of the most inspiring and transformational experiences I've ever had.
With a sense of intuitive understanding, through intent listening and using some enlightening exercises, she helped me to work out what was important to me, and where I want to go in life."

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