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Are you feeling stuck?

Lacking confidence in your decisions? 
Or unsure how to communicate? 

I'm Bex. 

A former diplomat, now life and career coach. 

I've a background in banking and law too. 

I help you make decisions effectively and not just with your head or heart.
I'll help you build purpose, confidence and connection. 


I get it.

"Before working with Bex I felt truly stuck. I couldn't see clearly where or what I wanted to do. I didn't trust my self that I was doing the right thing and was reluctant to put myself out there both personally and professionally"

  • You feel overwhelmed and stuck. You want the thoughts to just stop swirling around in your head.

  • You want to move forward.

  • You want to feel different but you don’t know how. 

  • Maybe you want a career change or to have a more fulfilling relationship.

  • Or to become happier. Or more confident. Or to "just get on with it".

  • Whatever you want, you know you want to feel different. 

  • You know nothing is going to change unless you do but you don't know what that change is. 

  • You might be starting to lose your confidence and self-belief.

  • I'll help you break free from this cycle. I'll help you reduce your stress and renew your enthusiasm. 

  • You're one step away from getting out of the rut you're in and reaching your potential. 

How My Coaching Programmes Can Help You

I coach people build to build a career and life they love. My career coaching programmes will help you with:

Gear Wheel

Clarity & Confidence

You'll become crystal-clear and confident about your career goals. You'll gain the self-confidence to go after them.

Pencil _edited.png

Focus & Drive

We'll start to overcome your fears and anxieties. You'll understand them better and have a deeper appreciation for what they're trying to tell you. We'll ignite a sense of motivation and drive, helping you move purposefully toward a more meaningful and fulfilling career


Accountability & Action Planning

I am dedicated to providing the support and accountability necessary to ensure your aspirations become reality. My programmes are action-focussed and practical. There's always something to do outside of the sessions

I've Been There

I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be living in a busy city like London and feeling burnt-out or drained by the commute. I know what it feels like to not know what to do. You can read more of my story here and here.

Satisfied Clients

My clients come back to me to help them achieve a different goal and often refer me so I must be doing something right. You can read my reviews which are on various platforms if you’d like some more social proof too.

Diverse Client Base

Throughout my career, I've successfully worked with professionals from various industries, including banking, IT, finance, media, legal, tech, sales, marketing, and PR to name but a few.

Make a start

Let's see how I might be able to help.


Client Reviews 


“Oh my goodness! I am literally singing your praises! Thank you so much for all your help! I am genuinely so appreciative. Our two hour session gave me so much insight into some of the things that were holding me back as well as some practical solutions that would keep me moving in the right direction. I can’t thank you enough!”

Sarah Stewart

March 2023


“Thank you Bex for all your help over  the seven hours that we worked together. I had no idea of all the ways that some of my beliefs and things that I was telling myself was holding me back. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and for making each session super productive. I’ve come out of them feeling like I’m equipped to take on the world again!”


March 2023


”You’ve genuinely helped me think differently about my current situation and helped me identify some of the key things I can do to help me make the most of my current situation. I thank you for providing a space that felt judgement free and allowed me to get real as to where I’m at and my next steps.”

Martin M

Feb 2023 

If you’re feeling hesitant about taking the plunge and signing-up for coaching some of my previous clients may be willing to speak with you on a confidential basis. Please email me directly at: if you’d like to find out more. 

Get In Touch

Take The Next Step

Drop me an email and we can take it from there. No pressure or commitment. If you're this curious, what's stopping you?

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