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Learn to communicate persuasively and confidently with Delphi Coaching

Coaching: Communication

Connection & Communication

Do you feel you make yourself small? Do you struggle to articulate your wants or needs? Are you crippled by a fear of social rejection or that what you say will impact your professional reputation? Do you feel anxious when you see a group of people? Do you find it impossible to be yourself unless you are totally alone or with people you know really well? Do you feel like this is holding you back or preventing you from taking some of the opportunities that you really want to take?

What dreams do you have and who do you need to be to achieve them?

Communicating clearly is a sign of social confidence. It helps us trust other people and establishes credibility. Many people often allow the significance of communication to hold them back from saying anything at all.

I have been there! Growing-up I was extremely shy. I would blush saying yes to the school register. I didn't know how to comfortably be myself.  I brought that social anxiety into certain areas of life as an adult too, until I worked on it. There have also been times in my life when I've not understood the concept of boundaries or how to communicate my wants and needs credibly. I've done the work on this and I know how to help you do the same. 


If you want to be the sort of person who shows-up in challenging situations and is still able to communicate from a place of certainty I can help you. If you want to be able to have difficult conversations or put yourself in new situations without the fear of being judged by others then my coaching packages can help you. If you'd like to enjoy social interactions, have fun in them and see them as exciting and empowering, I can help.

How my programme works

We work on all fronts: intellectually, emotionally, physically, intuitively and practically. It's holistic and integrative. 

We look at:

  • The reasons you're self-censoring - we'll get in touch with you core concept and the beliefs you unconsciously hold about yourself and your environment.

  • The ways this shows-up: We get crystal clear about the precise details of what is happening in your body and mind. I.e. we map out all the patterns going on. 

  • I teach you how to tap into your inner strength and confidence. I will give you tools and techniques to do this in a variety of situations.

  • We identify incremental challenges together so each week you are able to step outside your comfort zone a little more.

  • We identify your needs in the social situations you feel like you're struggling in and we find alternative ways to meet those needs. 

  • I will provide you with scripts and concepts to help you communicate your point, as well as learning how to say no and yes! 

  • We practice what you want to say and get you feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

If you want to negotiate more successfully and stay respectful while doing so, let me know show you how. 

Message me on: and we can talk it through. There is zero pressure. I won't seek to "sell myself". I'll listen, answer your questions and figure out how we could work together. 

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