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Client Reviews 

​A selection of comments from some of my recent clients.


“Oh my goodness! I am literally singing your praises! Thank you so much for all your help! I am genuinely so appreciative. Our two hour session gave me so much insight into some of the things that were holding me back as well as some practical solutions that would keep me moving in the right direction. I can’t thank you enough!”

Sarah Stewart

March 2023


“Thank you Bex for all your help over  the seven hours that we worked together. I had no idea of all the ways that some of my beliefs and things that I was telling myself was holding me back. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and for making each session super productive. I’ve come out of them feeling like I’m equipped to take on the world again!”

Jules Perassi

March 2023


”You’ve genuinely helped me think differently about my current situation and helped me identify some of the key things I can do to help me make the most of my current situation. I thank you for providing a space that felt judgement free and allowed me to get real as to where I’m at and my next steps.”

Martin M

Feb 2023 

If you’re feeling hesitant about taking the plunge and signing-up for coaching some of my previous clients may be willing to speak with you on a confidential basis. Please email me directly at: if you’d like to find out more. 

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