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Who Are My Clients?

When I first start working with my clients they might say some of the following things:

“I feel stuck”

“I need more motivation”

“I’ve lost my passion”

“I don’t have the energy to go after anything”

“I want to feel more like me”

“I can do lots of things”

“I can turn my hand to anything”

“I’ve always done well what others have given me”

“I don’t really know what I want to do”

“I’m a generalist, I don’t have any specialism”

“I feel I’ve been who others have wanted to me to be”

“I don’t feel I’m reaching my potential”

“I doubt myself before I speak”

“I feel what I have to say is perfect”

“I don’t know how to get to where I want to go”

“I don’t like failure”

“I know I’m meant for more than my current situation”.

I’ve felt and probably said at some point in my life all of these things too.

I understand where you’re at and know my coaching programmes could help.


They’re designed exactly for people who feel like this.

My clients also people who want to make the world a better place.


They tend to be effective. They're are do-ers.


BUT when it comes to themselves they don’t know what it is they deep down want to do.

They care about helping. They know intuitively there’s something out there for them.


They know on some level that they’re leaders.


They don’t want to be the best at the expense of others.


They can often feel conflicted because of this – they want others to be successful with them.


I teach them how to.   


"Working with Bex has genuinely been one of the most inspiring and transformational experiences I've ever had.
With a sense of intuitive understanding, through intent listening and using some enlightening exercises, she helped me to work out what was important to me, and where I want to go in life."

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