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Feeling Stuck? Your LinkedIn Job Search Won't Help - By a Career Coach in London

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Feeling stuck in your career? Take a sneaky peak at people who coach with me here.

I'm a career coach in London and here's a brief story about when I felt stuck.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2010 and I was sitting at my glass kitchen table in Dubai, tapping away at my keyboard looking out from my 17th floor apartment and onto a construction site. I was frantically trying to find some sort of joy, to stop feeling stuck, to get some clarity through my pixelated screen.

I was in my early twenties and a banker. By all accounts I was "successful". I was earning more than most my age, had more responsibility and a "glamourous" lifestyle. Except, it wasn't me.

I knew what I was doing wasn’t "it" but I didn’t know what was.

I spent hours staring at my HP laptop screen (Apple weren't everywhere...yet. BBM was a thing!) lost in pages of Google search – terms included “career”; “feeling stuck” “quarter life crisis”. I wasn't getting anywhere and feeling FLAT like a MacBook Air.

Looking back now, it makes total sense. I was trying to find fulfilment by finding a job. My brain didn't realise while linked, they're totally different.

I was using job search tools to find parts of myself I didn't yet value.

If it wasn't the first result on Google, maybe the skies would part and a big hand would point to THE hyperlink?

The url that would save me!

One double-click away from fulfilment.

The ONE.

Thing is, that was never going to happen (despite what Elon says...).

LinkedIn, Google, ChatGPT are excellent if you know what data to put in but, as much as the AI hype wants you to think otherwise, they don't know you. They know how to market to you -there's a big difference.

I didn't know me so how could anyone else?

You see, I had consistently made decisions that put weight on what others saw as "prestigious". I was focussing on the skills and qualities that "they" wanted. I wasn't focussing on what I already had or wanted. So neither was Google.

The thing was I didn't know how to know me better. I didn't know what I didn't know or how to find that out.

I look back to that moment and wish I had had a coach or at least someone that would be able to reflect, guide and help me tap into all the stuff that on some level I already knew.

Don't get me wrong (12 years or so later) and I love what I do. I've had very many amazing moments across industries, countries, roles and careers. I found my way. I'm sure you will too. I just know I could have done it quicker and with far more joy.

Your job search might involve LinkedIn but probably not right way. Especially if you're searching for fulfilment, feeling stuck or trying to use it for motivation.

Figuring out your purpose will almost certainly involve a bit or learning and a bit of digging. That will probably come first. A great career coach knows this and can help with both.

If you think you might want to chat to me about coaching drop me an email.

Or take a sneaky peak at those who coach with me here.



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