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Should I Hire A Careers Coach?

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Key Questions to ask when deciding which career coach is right for you

If you've been feeling stuck and considering a career change, seeking the guidance from a careers coach could be extremely valuable.

I know the industry is flooded with lots of different coaches with different niches, branding and content.

We all structure our programmes differently and all take a different approach.

Here are six questions I would ask:

1. Get clear on what outcomes you want from working with a career change coach

If I’m looking to move to London I might want a career change coach in London who knows the job market specifically in London. A coach with a London-focused track record will provide tailored guidance to the London market.

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed, you might want someone who’s got more experience working with helping people feel less stuck and more confident in their career change. A careers coaching in London (or otherwise) with more expertise in transformational coaching (this is why I do) maybe more beneficial.

Share the specific outcome you’re looking for with your careers coach and see how they respond – does that sound like it will get you to where you want to go. If not, ask them to explain how it will.

2. Don’t be afraid to share your doubts about them or about yourself!

If they’re a good career coach they’ll be able to handle any questions you have about their process.

Don’t be afraid to ask those questions that you need answers to in order to work with them. This is your process and your decision.

Ask the tough questions.

Have they had clients who haven’t obtained results?

What makes them think they’re worth the price they’re charging?

How do they know they can help you?

3. Ask them to share a sample of their work or exercises they might do with you

In all likelihood they’ll say their career coaching is tailored – at least I hope so! If they have enough experience they’ll have a few ideas or start points for working with you. You can also ask them to share their approach for change.

Do they have a specific philosophy or approach. Some career change coaches prioritize self-discovery, while others emphasize practical strategies.

Find a coach whose approach resonates with your values for a productive coaching relationship.

Who inspires or informs their work?

Is this something you can agree with or get behind too?

4. Ask them to explain why they do what they do

Understanding the reason a person does something and their motivations for choosing a specific career can help us understand whether we feel they’re someone we can trust. It can sometimes be a good indication as to whether you’ll feel truly seen and understood during career coaching too.

If they’ve been in your shoes before they’ll also be able to relate to you in a way that you can hear. That’s key to change – whether that’s a career change or otherwise!

5. After an initial call ask yourself how you feel with them

Before deciding either way, ask yourself how you felt after speaking with them.

Did you feel you could be open with them?

Did they seem authentic?

Were they distracted?

Did you feel seen, heard and understood?

Was their attention on you and did it feel like they had your best interests at heart?

You’re going to be working with this person through a period of change so you need to feel you can be yourself during the process.

Remember, selecting a careers coach is an investment in your future. By asking these questions, you'll feel more confident that you’re selecting the right careers coach a successful career change. This is the start to helping you overcome your challenges and finding professional fulfilment.



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