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Mindset Matters: How a Mindset Coach Can Transform Your Start-Up and Increase Your Chance of Success

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

If it’s your first-time venturing-out into setting up your own business you’ll know that “founding in company” is perhaps a misnomer. A company isn’t something you just happen to stumble upon at the end of a rainbow. Here's how a mindset coach can help you're start-up feel a little more like that's the case.

No. Setting up a business feels more like wandering around in the dark holding a torch with the battery on the blink. It’s challenging. There are no “right” answers. It’s down to you and your decision-making and you’re learning on the way.

Setting-up your own business will challenge your identity too. There’s the risk of failure, the often all too steep learning curve and a lot of getting to grips with things totally outside your comfort zone.

It also means it’s on you. You need courage and self-belief, but you need more too.

But there comes a point in every founders life where that courage and self-belief is confronted by the realisation that at some point in their businesses journey (and theirs) that everything, literally everything is uncertain.

This existential realisation can be extremely disconcerting and can show-up in multiple ways:

  • Overwhelm

  • Feeling like you have to do everything all at once

  • Inefficient or ineffective decision-making – either by avoiding making them, by over thinking the tiniest decisions or by going with your gut consistently

  • Self-doubt

  • Over focus on results rather than the present opportunities and the now

All of the above can have a big impact on your chances of success and managing even just one of the above can transform your likelihood of getting the results you want.

A coach can help you:

Prevent you from getting in your own way: A coach will help you identify the core beliefs that show-up when step outside your comfort zone and bring you awareness of how you respond to these. Essentially, how you might be self-sabotaging.

Help you share the most impactful message: A coach is impartial and can provide an outsiders perspective on what you're trying to say. They can highlight and suggest ways of presenting your message so it resonates with an outside audience. When you’re in your business it’s extremely hard to see the woods for the trees.

Helping you stay focussed on the bigger goal. While it’s important to fight the first in front of you. Keeping an eye on the future is fundamental to ensuring you make decisions that are strategic.

Respond to failure productively: Teach you and enable you to redefine your relationship with failure so you can bounce back quicker, don’t lose confidence in yourself and are able to grow sustainably.

Working effectively with investors by building your social and emotional intelligence: This can be one of the most effective things a coach can do for you. They'll help you have greater social and self-awareness so you’re able to work effectively with investors, new employees and other stakeholders. This also includes helping you refine your leadership style.

Coach you through a new approach to conflict resolution: Setting-up your own business is stressful and conflict may well happen. Coaching will help you gain strategies to manage stress effectively and can give you the tools to transform difficult conversations into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Investing in executive coaching is a strategic move that yields profound benefits: it helps you understand yourself and how you’re getting in your own way as well as helping you communicate clearly to others. Even if you gained none of the above, having a space to talk to someone who is impartial and who can empathise and offer encouragement can have a drastic impact in terms of your success.



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