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Top Reads for April 2023 - Decision-Making

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

There are a tonne of books out there. Here are some I've read recently that can help with decision-making.

Think Like A Scout - For weighing-up the pros and cons more "rationally"

This one is pretty good to helping spot some of the tricks brains can play on us. If you've got a difficult decision to make this book offers some pretty good questions that will help you more effectively assess the probability of the consequences of your decisions.

Author Julia Galef speaking at TedX:

No Bad Parts - For managing inner conflict or dithering

I'm a huge fan of Richard C Schwartz's work. This book isn't specifically about decision-making but I think working through the exercises in this one will help you figure-out some of the reasons as to why it might be hard to make decisions. It offers some exercises that can help you resolve inner conflict. Handy if you're deliberating.

The Worthy Mind - For ensuring your decision-making is coming from a healthy place

This book by Meadow Devor isn't about decision-making but under pinning everything we do in life is the extent of our self worth. Devor is an expert on building it. This book will help build that up (particularly useful if you know you have a core belief of "I'm worthless" or "i'm not good enough". These beliefs will shape both your current reality and the choices you think you have available in specific situations. Build strong foundations and everything will follow.

And there you have it!

If you love the sound of all these books but are looking for something more tailored and feel like you're ready to give coaching a try get in touch at



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